How Do We Use Funds?

Integridad is very conscious that money is the drug, of which our addiction has caused our irrational self-destruction in the last century. We live in a love-hate relationship with it. For this reason it is very important that we use it carefully, investing it in who we are, much more than spending it on what we do.

The Integridad team recognizes this subtle but important distinction and we demonstrate it through our commitment to our people and land over our income. The admin members give the first five hours of each week’s work as a gift to the foundation. Project managers elaborate projects at no cost to the foundation to stretch our resources. As a way of teaching empowerment we use local human and natural resources to drive the projects as much as is practical. This helps organise and strengthen communities. We also ensure projects are self-enriching and synergized with the real needs of communities, so that those involved feel energized to participate, value and care for the project long after it has been put in place. We carefully seek people who are passionate about their work and care about their community.

As a result we are able to keep labour costs relatively low. Most costs go into training, researching and mobilizing people and the purchase of resources. Sometimes there will be a need to purchase a place of land of particular ecological or social importance and if we can’t arrange it to be donated then we will really need the help of everyone.