1. Understanding


Be part of the solution first by:

Understanding what it really means that you and the rest of the universe are self affined!

Then you will not be able to resist doing some of these:

2. Spread the Word

Selffinity is about connecting and synergising. You can help this process by telling others about the work of Selffinity Foundation and its world view. This is how you can make us whole.

3. Volunteer

If you live where we are running a Project we would love your support. Most of our work relies on communities owning their problems and helping themselves. You could do it with us on a working bee, help with publicity or raising funds. For more information, Contact us.

If you live in another part of Ecuador you could organise a group and propose a Project in your community. For support, Contact us.

If you live outside Ecuador you could help us with networking to get information, skills, funds and other resources flowing to do the most good. Teachers could motivate students by learning about Selffinity and raising funds for a Project. Or, maybe you could help us research for the most appropriate technology or methodology for a specific Project. For more information, Contact us.

If you are planning on visiting Ecuador you could do a combination of these! For support, Contact us.


4. Collaborate

For your long-term committment we can make you an honorary member and provide support according to the type and level of committment. For more information, Contact us.


Selffinity Foundation has a lot of needs and some of them require financial or material support. If you can help in any way, please contact us to find out the easiest way for you. Thanks.

6. Help us learn

You can help us work even better by completing a survey or by researching with us.

Survey 1: In preparation

For more information, Contact us.

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